In Search of Citizen Zero, A YA Science Fiction Novel

The planet is losing its internal heat-fast. Only 78 days are left until the earth hits the point of no return. Then all of mankind will perish.

16 year-old Slate Cahill, an awkward, sci-fi geek, is just trying to survive after his parents disappear and everything around him falls into chaos. While searching for precious metals to buy his way into an underground bunker, Slate and his four cohorts stumble onto a secret gateway.

The government believes whatever is on the other side holds the key to solving the "Core Dilemma."

A thousand of the world?s best and brightest, including Slate?s parents, have entered. Only one has ever returned.

Slate and his crew pass through the gateway and discover an alternate reality that quickly turns deadly. As the team navigates dangerous terrains, they must survive and advance through more difficult levels.

Slate?s understanding of adventure movies, books, and video games give him a unique advantage as he inches his way from loser to leader.

If Slate can solve the mystery behind this fantasy land of death, he can save his parents and the human race, and maybe even have a chance with the girl of his dreams.