The Guy In The Middle

When I sat down to write to my first book, I assumed it would be relatively easy. I was wrong. Crafting a novel is no easy feat. My first book proved just how difficult it could be - I didn't even bother to publish it.

My second book is a middle grade novel, entitled Hunter of the Veloland. The story follows two boys, Hunter Grange and Nick Flynn, who are hired by a bounty hunter and given 72 hours to find and apprehend a fugitive from justice. Their target, Daniel Mendelbahm, has taken refuge in one of the four territories of the mysterious Veloland School for Parents of Lost Children. Adventure, mystery, action, betrayal, retribution, romance-it's got a little of everything.

My latest book is In Search Of Citizen Zero The longline goes something like this. Facing an extinction event, five teenagers enter a government monitored gateway that leads to another place in the universe. They must survive and conquer a bizarre set of tests, levels, and challenges to save the world and find the mysterious Citizen Zero.

I hope my boys, Evan and Chace, get as much pleasure reading my books as I did writing them. Cheers.